sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2020

The Act of Drawing in Early Childhood Education - Elvira Souza Lima, Marcelo Guimarães Lima


In this paper we utilize some findings of Neuroscience to reflect on drawing as an important curricular component in Early Childhood Education. We understand drawing as a capacity that emerges in the evolution of the human species, we discuss the child´s genetic predisposition for the activity of tracing the basic elements of drawing (point, line, angles and circle) and how the activity of tracing evolves in young children with the beginnings of visual narrative in the period of Early Childhood Education. Finally we consider the educational interventions that contribute to the full development of visual narrative in young children. We point out the importance of including approaches based on Neuroscience in teachers’ education programs so that they can guarantee the proper context and time for children continuously exercise the act of drawing to develop his/her imagination and create new memories.

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